Services & Packages

We pride ourselves on ensuring all our clients achieve their desired results on a personal tailored level.
We offer an extensive range of packages but ensure that any package can be customised to your project, your home, your family & your budget.
This is where the Initial consultation is a perfect place to start whether it is via email, phone or face to face.

Our in Home consultation service is available to Melbourne Metropolitan, Victoria. Outer areas or interstate are welcome however further costs may apply.

In Home Initial Consultation 
Our Initial Consultation is ideal for anyone that is not sure where to start or what to do but know that something needs to be done! We arrange a time to come to your home for 60-90min & discuss rooms, spaces, colours & ideas on what you would like to change whether it is 1 space or the entire home. From here we provide you with a few short notes on the consultation & provide a tailored package to suit your needs & budget.

Hourly Consultations 
This is ideal for people that like to be really involved & just need support along the way. After an initial consultation is completed to determine space, project & style we can be as involved as you please. This may include a weekly, monthly, by-monthly or quarterly catch up to go over the project on a on stage basis or it may be that you require some on site assistance selecting products at your builder, supplier or our design studio hour by hour. This service can also work really well with owner builders or renovators that do not have a timeline.
On site consultations are min 2 hours. Some locations may include travel fees.

Internal / External Colour & Paint Consultations – $200
After an initial in home consultation for 60min were we discuss your space, lifestyle & colours we go through colour options in your home & discuss how they may achieve your desired effect. We then provide you with detail of the colours selected & arrange for A4 colour swatches where possible to be delivered to your home & perusal including a trade quote if requested. Included option as a room is the exterior of your home. Maximum 5 colours / or 2 rooms. Any other time or rooms thereafter will be quoted at a discounted 30min rate.

In Home Refresher Room Package 
After our booked initial in home consultation of 60min were by we measure the designated space & discuss your desires & needs including you’re budget. We provide you a design board with a collection of 3-5 required elements which may including wall covering, floor coverings, furniture, decorator & accessories perfectly selected to match anything you would like to keep. We provide you a simple concept board & shopping list of where to buy the items or costs for us to provide them for you. Optional extras available include delivery, installation & styling assistance. Any extras are provided at a discounted quotation basis.

Onsite Full Home Colour Consultations 
Ideal for anyone building a new home or investment.
A 3-4 hour consultation is set at our designated studio in Melbourne were we discuss & select your new homes colours, materials & finishes. We will start with your exterior & select all items required whilst then moving into the interior where we again go through all materials & finishes required for your builder. The consultation is capped at 4 hours & any time there after will need to be re-scheduled & costed accordingly on what is remaining. Some homes require a large amount of detail & so can also require a split consultation to 2 times or 2 locations for suppliers (i.e. tiles).

In Home Overhaul Package 
After the initial consultation in your home were we measure the designated space & discuss your desires & needs including you’re budget. A complete collection of required elements which may include wall coverings, floor coverings, furniture, decorator items & accessories all perfectly selected to your new design specifications. We then provide you a detailed concept board & shopping list of where to buy the items or costs for us to provide them for you. We then return for a further consultation once all items are delivered or bought to assist you in putting the space together & styling it for you.